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"My root canal experience in your office was perfect from start to finish. Joyce handles the front desk in a very professional and efficient manner. She is a caring and compassionate person. She is a definite asset to Advanced Endodontic Specialists. Your dental assistants Kisha & Linda are equally professional and perform with you like a "well oiled machine." They have beautiful personalities and made me feel very comfortable in the dental chair.  Your technology and expertise came to the forefront as you re-treated canals that other endodontists could not repair. I am most grateful that you were able to successfully treat my root-canal and eliminate extraction, bone graft and implant placement from my treatment plan. As a dental hygienist, I am proud to refer my patients to you and your office for their endodontic needs. My patients have always had great things to say about you and your team. Now I know from personal experience , just how wonderful the entire process can be with you at the helm.  Thank-you for your excellent care."
Donna Grzegorek RD

"Dr. Linden provided the most gentle experience one could have. After being in the chair only 30 minutes, I asked what the next step would be, and he said he was already half-way completed with the procedure! I never felt a thing. I've required a root canal in the past and this was a one-visit, pain-free experience. I would never trust anyone else other than Dr. Linden from now on."
L. Hector

"I wanted to say thanks for the root canal you and K performed today. I can't imagine how the work you did could have gone any better. I found your entire office to be professional and personable not hesitating to take the extra time to explain all the work you are doing along the way. I'm not exactly looking forward to another root canal any time soon but I do know where I'm going to go to get the work done when it's my time again."
Patrick M.

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for respecting Dr. Duncan's request to see me on February 6th. I was humbled to learn that your office was to close early due to the weather, yet you made arrangements for me to come in to relieve my pain! You, Kisha and Joyce addressed my needs with a respect I thought was long forgotten. I hope that all of you made it home safely on Wednesday. I am pleased to know that the office I visited is one that lives up to its vision. Together, Dr. Linden and his staff are committed to providing patients and referring doctors the best specialty care possible."
Debbie H.

"Thank you for being such a great doctor and taking good care of me. I really appreciate doctors like you. There aren't that many who really care so much for their patients."
Roberta P.

"You are the magnificent magician of Endodontic Dentistry!!! I have dubbed you this because of your magnificent performance on my root canal. The process was enjoyable because of you and your staff. I felt no pain. I recovered with little to no discomfort and the procedure went as you had predicted for the price you had quoted. This is very different from what people had told me to expect. Thank you for your professionalism and quality work. You are changing the image that people have of the dentist. Thank you again!!!!"
Richard A. Gartner Ed.D.

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful treatment you, Kisha and Joyce provided me. I know I was tough patient with a challenging tooth! Not exactly the way I had planned on introducing myself to you! You all made me comfortable and at ease for my first dental procedure in my 38 years.I will definitely be referring all my endo cases to you because I am completely confident in your work, and I can tell my patients first hand just now pleasant a visit to your office is."
Diane Smith, DDS

"Thank you for coming to my rescue! Your kindness and generosity cannot be fathomed by words, and yet a student of literature has nothing but words... Emily Dickinson's poem describes my transition of moods well: 'After great pain, a formal feeling comes - The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs- The Stiff Heart questions was it he, that bore, And yesterday, or Centuries before?'
Thank you! - this is the formality of my gratitude!"


"Thank you so much for your emergency dental relief regarding my root canal! You are an exceptional doctor, as well as well as detailed and precise! I truly appreciate you coming in to help me get ride of the "tooth worm" and relieve my pain, in additional to staying late on Friday. I know how precious family time is."
Joyanne C.

Being a very fearful patient I was extremely anxious walking in the door. Joyce and Linda immediately made me feel so comfortable, Dr. Linden as well. I'm one of those people that hold off going to the dentist unless I absolutely need to go. I would GLADLY return to Dr. Linden & Linda for any work I need done. I can't express what a great experience this was. I never thought I would say those words about dental work. Thank you all so much!
Celia K.

Dr. Linden "You ROCK!" I can't thank you enough for the pain free root canal you performed yesterday. You were very patient in answering all my questions and putting me at ease with the procedure. Your staff is detailed-oriented and extremely professional, both of which I was appreciated. If anyone I know needs a root canal in the future, I'll be sending them to you.
S. Tripathi

Dr. Linden has performed two root canals on different teeth for me. Both were difficult, and I must tell you that he was a true professional. The first tooth was one in which other dentists said there was only a 50% chance that it could be saved. Dr. Linden was much more confident in saving the tooth, and he did (it has been two years). The second tooth was one that followed another endodontists root canal work. He found that the other guy missed a canal. I really like him as a Dentist and he is a very nice guy too.
Louis A.

My experience with Dr. Linden and Kisha was the most professional and painless one ever. I live downtown and would travel to Barrington again with no hesitation. In fact, the doctor had to repair some work I had done by a specialist in the city.
Fredrick L.

Dr. Linden, Kisha, Linda and Joyce make having a root canal and any dental procedure necessary virtually pain-free! When you are uncomfortable, in pain and needing relief, you cannot ask for a kinder, gentler, more understanding staff that cares about how you feel, what you need and making that happen. It has taken me a long time to write a testimonial more so because what can you say about such a great staff and caring doctor...even made me laugh in the midst of being uncomfortable! Though you really never wish to have to go through procedures such as this, when necessary it is always great to see the staff at this office! After 8 years of fairly frequent care, I cannot recommend or refer a better, more caring, dedicated, up-to-date and educated doctor and team! Thank you everyone at Advanced Endodontic Specialists for making my life a little easier when life and dental issues get the better of me!
Julie D.

Dr. Linden and his entire staff are very friendly, helpful, and extremely professional and most importantly, good at what they do. I had a seriously bad reaction to my first filling in 2009, and I went to Dr. Linden for what ended up being a very complicated root canal. He made me feel very comfortable and managed to save my tooth for five years. I have referred a couple of friends to Dr. Linden's practice and will happily continue to do so. Thank you very much for the great care you give!
Valentina S.

Many years ago, I went to Dr. Linden following a root canal I had completed by my dentist, that did not go so well. Dr. Linden and his staff did an amazing job in not only going back to complete what was done poorly, Dr. Linden fixed what was needed and restored not only my health, but my faith in knowing I can always go to him and his staff for future needs. Thank you Dr. Linden, you and your staff are simply amazing!
S. Ramirez

Dr. Linden and his staff were amazing. Far beyond what I was anticipating. My root canal procedure was done in 45 minutes. I can say "pain free" which I don't believe myself but it essentially was. Kisha was reassuring and very informative reviewing the procedure with me and answering my questions and "calming" my nerves. Joyce is extremely efficient and professional. As a healthcare professional myself over 35 years I can say they are some of the top healthcare professionals I have ever met.
Michael M., RN MBA

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